Who we are

18 years’ of success story:
Safar LLC was initially established as a family agricultural house farm in 1998 in the Barda district of Azerbaijan and specialized in the cultivation of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. During the initial two years of its existence, our company supplied its products to the local wholesalers and retailers. Now the area of our orchard and vegetable cultivated outdoor land exceeds 200ha with annual harvest level being more than 1000 tons and this is an upward trend.
The second enlargement step was the addition of exporter function to the company activities. Along with our own agricultural products (apricots, pomegranates, persimmons and etc.), we connected to the other local growers and started to supply not only to the domestic market and also to the foreign markets (mainly Russian Federation). We have possessed a great expertise on exporting the goods to untraditional markets under required conditions.
Azerbaijani government actively pursues the state programs on the production and development of export-oriented agricultural commodities, creates necessary conditions to encourage local producers to get into international agricultural markets, and become exporters. Considering favorable business conditions and increasing trend in our production capacity, we were encouraged to develop further. So, the company was reorganized to be a trading company exporting agricultural products from Azerbaijan and its name changed to ASICO in December 2015. We strive to become an international trading company and supply high quality fresh, healthy and tasty locally grown fruit and vegetables, as well as specific agricultural products to European markets in large volumes.

Mission and Vision

ASICO’s mission is to supply superior food products to worldwide partners via our smart trading system. Providing customer satisfaction with the premium quality of our goods, relevant packaging, and effective delivery services is the cornerstone of our business philosophy. Our team delivers a real value in each of the boxes that carry the best food products of Azerbaijan.
ASICO – a company of integrity with a strong commitment to customer relationships – maintains long-term business ties with its reliable customers. Honesty and trust are the key principles that link us to successful partnerships.
Our vision is to export the best quality products complied with world class food quality standards and affirmed by appropriate certificates. Environmental safety and health issues are considered carefully in each step of our job.

Our Products


Our specialized packing team plays a vital role to preserve the freshness of the products until it reaches consumers. Each type of the products from our range is treated individually and sorted into appropriate boxes. Depending on the size and bulkiness of the products, the delivery method, ASICO offers 1 kg up to 20 kg packing options. We follow the strict rules of international certificates in order to guarantee the premium quality.


Historically Azerbaijan has been a successful trade center thanks to its favorable geographical location. Our territory serves as a short bridge connecting Europe to Central Asia, the Middle and Far East. Since 1993 TRACECA (Transport Corridor Europe-Caucasus-Asia) – an international program has transformed the transport infrastructure and enabled Azerbaijan to be an essential logistics center in the region. So, the location of the country enables us to use both truck and air delivery options according to customer preferences and product features. Taking these facts into account, ASICO assures a quick and effective delivery system to its partners.


ASICO is proud to headstart its successful future life thanks to the responsible team and strict business ethics followed. Our company guarantees quality and customer satisfaction not only with nationally recognized certificates but also with a world-class certificate.

Our Partners

ASICO has been devoted to its customers since the initial years’ of its establishment. That’s why the number of our partners increases in a level that is beyond our expectations. We are very proud to note that ASICO has connected to more than 32 local farmer and supplier firms. Apart from these, we have built strong relationships with more than 20 Russian, 5 Belarusian and 3 Ukrainian partners. Though it is only a year we have started to trade with European countries, our B2B platform proved to be successful already. We are excited to add more partners to our growing ASICO family.

Contact Us

Adress: Asif Meherromov 4, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1102
E-mail: sales@as-ico.com